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We offer a wide range of home and industrial electrician service. We offer a variety of home installations and repairs from simple renovations and rewiring to new systems. 
We install and repair different types of lighting systems such as indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, swimming pool lighting and even holiday lighting for different festivities. 
We also install air conditioning systems and heating systems, including seasonal servicing and cleaning. We also install home security systems including alarms, intercoms, motion sensors, cameras and monitors. We teach users how to utilise these systems as our core mission is customer satisfaction. 
We install and repair different home entertainment systems. We install cable and satellite dishes from different service providers. We also install televisions and home theatre systems and speakers while ensuring the quality of your premises. No breaking through walls and ceilings. 
We install solar panels on your home and industrial lots. If you are looking to implement solar energy in your building, we can get the job done efficiently. 
 We install, rewire and repair systems on your industrial lots. Contact us for all your lighting needs, including conversion to energy saving options. We also install different sound systems in your buildings. Central air conditioning and heating systems are also our specialty no matter the size or structure of the building. We install security systems. If you are renovating your building, we can rewire cables and distributor panels to ensure the smooth running of your new building. We also offer special repair packages on all our installations after we complete our work on your premises. You can contact our electrician service team at any time if there are any technical issues with any of the systems we installed on your premises. 

Appliance Repair and Re-installation

Do you need an electrician for you household appliances repair? Then contact us now. We provide services like repairing old appliances like oven, washing machine, lighting system, ceiling fans and installation new appliances. 

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Circuit Breakers Panel

We install circuit breaker panel to distribute the current throughout the house. We also fix the tripped breaker.

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We ensure quality control in all of our jobs and use only the best equipment tto deliver the best value to you. We use our years of the extensive experience in giving the best quality of the work for all the customers. Our licensed and certified technicians are the experts in the repairs and the installations and give you with the leading electrical work at your area. We’re here to totally ease your mind as well as confidently help you through the next electric installation and repair, just by designing or planning entire project. We make it priority to keep with ever changing technology, wiring techniques and procedures. We also value all our client relationships, thus we just hire the experienced and qualified technicians. Even with many years of the experience and the quality education, we try to make it the precedence to hold the weekly training and guarantee your utmost satisfaction and safety. We also urge you give us the call immediately in case you aren’t completely satisfied and will address & solve your problem directly. 
So are you having any electrical issues in home and business after lightning storm? Is it damage from the lightning strike then it isn’t something that you should mess around with. Our electrician service will ease mind just by providing with the high quality of repairs to the damage associated with the lightning strikes  

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